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“It’s so great to not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore, especially while ice skating! When I wore glasses skating they’d fog up and I’d have to take them off, and contacts would get really dry from the cold and irritate my eyes.”

– Tiana Yeung

Tiana had been wearing glasses and regular contacts for years due to her myopia (nearsightedness). A family friend started using Ortho-K lenses and loved them, so Tiana’s father, John, searched online and found that Dr. Frank specialized in the nonsurgical treatment.

After a brief period of getting used to inserting and removing them, 15 year-old Tiana has been wearing the special Ortho-K lenses nightly for a year.

The results…

Tiana was amazed at how fast the lenses improved her vision; it was within only a day or two. She couldn’t be more thrilled about not wearing glasses or contacts anymore, and tells her friends about how easy the treatment is and all of the great benefits.

“I love my Ortho-K lenses! They give me the freedom to go without wearing glasses or contact lenses, which is particularly convenient while playing sports, especially swimming.”

– Devon Wiley

Three years ago when Devon was thirteen, she was wearing eyeglasses for astigmatism and began to notice her vision was diminishing. Her dad, Peter, a patient of Dr. Frank’s for over 15 years was concerned and told Dr. Frank about her situation. Dr. Frank informed Peter about an innovative, nonsurgical treatment for astigmatism that would allow Devon to be free of wearing eyeglasses or
contact lenses.

Devon became a patient of Dr. Frank’s and started Orthokeratology or “Ortho-K”, a vision correction therapy that involves wearing special contact lenses only at night to gently reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye) to bring one’s vision into focus for the next day.

The results…

Within the first two days of wearing the lenses, Devon was amazed at how much her vision had improved. She experienced clarity and vividness that made her realize how bad her vision had gotten. She was also thrilled with how comfortable they are, and still today doesn’t even know they’re in while sleeping. Devon tells all of her friends about Ortho-K, especially her friends involved in sports.

“My husband and I are very nearsighted, so we weren’t surprised when Henry was also diagnosed with myopia. We are thrilled that wearing Ortho-K lenses can slow or stop its progression in children; since Henry started wearing them, there has been no progression of his myopia whatsoever.”

– Holloway McCandless, Henry’s mom

A year and a half ago, when Henry was 13 years old, he started to experience some changes in his vision for the first time. He had been getting annual eye exams, especially since both of his parents have myopia, but hadn’t needed glasses or contacts up to that point.

Unsurprisingly to no one, Dr. Frank diagnosed Henry with myopia, or nearsightedness. However, instead of fitting him for glasses or contact lenses, Dr. Frank suggested to Henry and his parents that they consider an innovative treatment called Orthokeratology or Ortho-K. By wearing the special lenses only while he slept, Henry would be able to go without wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day – and see clearly!

Most importantly, Dr. Frank wanted to try to stop, or at the very least, slow the progression of Henry’s myopia, as progressive myopia can increase a child’s risk of a number of sight-threatening eye diseases. Studies show that Ortho-K and an hour of outdoor sunlight per day, can reduce the expected rate of increase of nearsightedness in children by at least 40-60 percent. Dr. Frank has some young patients who have gone seven years with no progression of their myopia.

The results…

Henry is a big Ortho-K fan. After learning how to put the Ortho-K lenses in and take them out, he never looked back. He enjoys the freedom of not wearing glasses and being able to see perfectly, and can play sports – especially soccer, boogie boarding and skiing – worry free. After wearing the lenses for a year and half, there has been no progression of Henry’s myopia…so, Henry’s mom and dad are big fans too!