Vision Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Our comprehensive eye exam not only determines your eyeglass or contact lens prescription, but includes tests for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and the ocular effects of many general health disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis. We will also check for side effects of certain medications. Our state-of-the-art technology will assist in the evaluation of spectacle prescriptions, peripheral vision (side vision) testing, eye-pressure testing and eye health evaluation.

Contact Lens Exams
Contact lenses are an option available to anyone in need of nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism or bifocal correction. You will undergo a comprehensive eye exam to assess your vision, eye structure and tear production, which will determine the best lens for optimal eye health, comfort and sight.

Contact lenses offer a solution to those who feel restricted by eyeglasses while also offering an alternative to corrective surgery such as LASIK. Another benefit to contact lenses is that they offer a full, unobstructed view as opposed to eyeglasses.

You’re a good candidate for wearing bifocal contact lenses if you are already used to wearing contact lenses or if you have already adapted to bifocal or progressive eyeglass lenses. But really, most people with presbyopia or even those with no contact lens experience can wear bifocal contact lenses successfully.

There are many kinds of contacts that can be categorized as following:

  • The material they are made of (hard, soft, and GP lenses)
  • Length of wear (daily and extended wear)
  • Frequency of disposal (disposable, daily disposable, frequent replacement and traditional lenses)
  • Lens design (spherical, bifocal, orthokertology, and toric)
  • Additional features (dry eye contacts, colored lenses, special effects, prosthetic lenses)

We carry the most popular contact lenses available in every prescription and eye shape made, including one-day, two-week, and one-month disposables. You can get an eye exam and leave with prescription lenses that same day

Prescription Eye Wear and Sunglasses
With today’s changing lifestyles, you may require glasses specifically designed to meet your occupational and recreational needs. We’re conveniently located in For Eyes and provide a full line of fashion, recreation and specialty eyewear for our patients.

Pink/Red Eye Treatment
We evaluate and treat pink/red eyes caused by iritis, conjunctivitis, infections, ulcers, and allergic irritations of the eye. We also help with foreign body removal.

Dr. Curtis Frank is one of the region’s leading specialists in the area of Orthokeratology for reducing or stopping myopia progression in hundreds of patients. See more on Ortho-K and our success stories.

LASIK Co-Management
We offer consultation services for various types of refractive surgery as well as pre-operative and post-operative LASIK care. We work closely with the finest surgeons in the Boston area to ensure the best quality of care for our LASIK surgery patients.

Dry Eye Treatment
Dry eye syndrome is experienced more and more by Americans, especially since we are staring at computer screens all day and forgetting to blink. Dry eye can be caused by the environment, various diseases such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, medications such as oral contraceptives, and even menopause.

We will evaluate all three layers of your tear film matrix, eye lid margin and glands, and will review any potential conditions that may be making it worse. We will develop a plan to help you overcome the discomfort from dry eye. Common treatments we use include artificial tears, omega-3 supplementation, punctal occlusion, and Restasis.

Cataract Co-Management
Dr. Frank has extensive experience in cataract surgical co-management. When you have cataract surgery, he will prepare you for the surgery, work closely with a local cataract surgeon, and provide post-operative care and examinations.

Keratoconus Treatment
Dr. Frank has 30 years of experience and special training in the treatment of cornea diseases, such as keratoconus. In advanced cases of keratconus, the cornea has become thin to the point where it bulges outward. A contact lens must be fit around this bulge and still maintain proper fit, comfort, centration, and acuity. Dr. Frank offers the latest diagnostic technology and most advanced treatment options for people with keratoconus, including standard rigid gas permeable contacts as well as specialty lenses.

Scleral Lens Fitting
Scleral lenses are a revolutionary breakthrough in contact lens technology. They are hard lenses that are as comfortable soft lenses. Sclerals are indicated for patients with corneal problems or very dry eyes. These lenses fit over your cornea and never touch it. It’s like having an aquarium over your eye. The price per pair range from $1,200-$1,500.